Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Zig-zag Path

Rosemary, Kate's godmother (I use the term loosely as she describes herself as a 'heathen') bought a lovely Bechstein grand as a retirement present to herself. 'Retirement' is also a term I use loosely, as she continued her practice as a psychoanalyst until comparatively recently and is very active as an amateur pianist, an organiser of music events and general 'animatrice' of village life. Having bought the piano, in order to do it justice, she had her living room remodelled to three times it's original size, creating a wonderful music salon with space to seat about forty guests. It's always a huge pleasure to play for Rosemary's music circle. I often think that this type of house concert, which must have been the mainstay of live music in the past, will be so again in the future. I took an early morning walk up my favourite zig-zag path made by the naturalist Gilbert White and his brother in 1753, up to Selborne Common an ancient woodland and wood-pasture, a most magical place with views over the  landscape, early morning mist slowly lifting, and a heightened sense of being on the earth.

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