Friday, 21 December 2012

Burt Bugarach

"Lord, we don't need another mountain, there are mountains and hillsides enough to last us until the end of time". Presumably we will be allowed to climb up Bugarach once again, the mountain having been the centre of attention of the world's media this past week. The danger of the mountain exploding and the emergence of the green lizard people's spacecraft has now passed, at least temporarily. My friend Andrew in Newcastle has suggested the village now celebrate the dawn of this post-apocalyptic era with a festival of easy-listening music.

I went up there last night to see what was happening. Stopped by bored but good-natured gendarmes I was allowed through the road checkpoint. The journalists and TV crews have by far outnumbered the population of the village. Bugarach folk were not much in evidence. Desperate last-minute interviews with anyone willing to talk about why they'd come and what they thought about the end of the world. A few alien-spotters who had come to party in the wind and drizzle. As I walked around the backstreets to record the ambient sounds of this momentous non-event, it was really pretty quiet.

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