Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No room to swing 4 cats

Nice image of Les Quat'cats in action (except that the top of Kate's head is missing).
We played Chez Nadine in Lavelanet last Friday, after the the sell-out appearance at the Café de Fa and Kat McGee's, the new Irish pub in Limoux. Thus concluding our summer tour of miniscule venues - we are becoming quite skilled at squeezing ourselves and the gear into impossibly small spaces - a skill perhaps lacking with the current Grandes Fêtes de septembre in Limoux. Here the orchestres de variété (covers bands) always come with at least 6 musicians, 5 girly dancers and 4 sound and lighting engineers. With elaborate staging, lasers, very frequent changes of costume, it ought to be exciting but...

From the same evening, Kate with curious castanets-like objects balanced on her head...

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